West Brabant, situated between Rotterdam and Antwerp, is an excellent region to locate your business. It is establishing an international reputation for innovation in both existing and newly emerging sectors and has all the right ingredients for anyone to excel, whether at work or play.

Find out more about our region and our fantastic quality of life!

Municipal kaleidoscope
West Brabant comprises19 municipalities, ranging from the regional capital; metropolitan Breda, and historic cities like for instance Bergen op Zoom to smaller rural cities, all having their own distinct characteristics and economic features.

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West Brabant is favourably located between Rotterdam and Antwerp (50 km). It is a short distance away from the airports of Amsterdam and Brussels (100 km) and offers optimal accessibilty by road (A16, A4, A58, A59), by water (Hollands Diep, Rijn-Schelde canal), via international railway connections, by air, and a which links the ports of Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Antwerp and Zeeland.

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West Brabant is an attractive location for businesses, especially those with an international background an/or focus. Because of its unique geographical location combined with excellent infrastrucure and transport modalities for shipping goods to the hinterland, the region has always been the region of choice for companies who want to work upon the European or Benelux market. GE Plastics, Philip Morris, Perfetti/Van Melle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Warner/Calvin Klein, Philips Lighting, Ikea, Ben, Amgen, Abbott, to name a few. Some 50,000 companies currently operate in and from West Brabant. They do so out of large-scale industrial estates, thematical business parks, internationall business centres and high-grade office locations. Have a look at a selction of companies established in West Brabant.

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Labour market

The region has a relatively young, highly-educated working population of more than 300,000 people. In addition, there is a large regional labour potential of approximately 25,000 people from West Brabant, who currently work in the southern 'Randstad' conurbation. Many would prefer to work closer to their place of residence. A labour reservoir, therefore, from which new companies can successfully rec


West Brabant; 16 municipalities, over 720,000 inhabitants and around 60,000 companies on 1,740 km². An excellent region to work and live in.  

For all types of enterprise, the region of West Brabant is ideally situated: halfway between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, with an excellent infrastructure, a well-educated workforce and an innovative business climate.

For this and other reasons, our region was voted 'Dutch logistics hotspot nr 1' in 2008, 2009 and 2012 by the logistics sector itself. In 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016, West Brabant came in second by a mere few points. For this reason alone, many (inter)national companies already decided to locate in our region.

Combining forces to bundle freight
A rather new regional asset that you might find interesting for your company: together with regional and provincial partners, REWIN organizes the so-called 'NewWays' project. NewWays is a market-driven initiative, with a community of market shippers at its core, including Bolsius, FujiFilm, Lamb Weston/Meijer, Perfetti van Melle, Samsung, SABIC and Wupperman.

The aim of NewWays: combining shippers' distribution volumes, sharing data and knowledge, and collectively utilising all the available transport capacity. This enables shippers to make a modal shift. For example, from road to rail, short sea, or inland waterways. This creates competitive advantage: more sustainable, more reliable, more flexible and often lower transport costs. Interested? Read the NewWays whitepaper..

But West Brabant offers more:

  • a relatively low-priced as well as varied supply of commercial real estate and plots.
  • Business development programmes within the regional economic spear heads: logistics, maintenance and biobased economy.
  • Plenty activity.  
  • 19 different municipalities, each with their own characteristics.
  • For expats in the region: assistance by expatcentrum
  • And: an attractive area to live and work in, offering an outstanding quality of life
In short: let's talk business in West Brabant!