REWIN provides support with establishing and/or relocating both offices and businesses. We understand the demands of expanding your company's operation into a new area and/or market. We offer a range of services to assist you, all free and commercially confidential and based on the following principle: "Companies go where they are wanted, and stay where they are appreciated."


REWIN provides support with establishing and/or relocating your business

What can we offer you?

We are familiair with all issues relating to direct investment and can give help and guidance on a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Advice on availability and costs of locations for business in West Brabant. We will provide location advice and arrange property viewings. Have a look at our unique overview of commercial real estate in our area
  • Support in legal and tax affairs; for instance regarding incorporation and/or on obtaining a (new) tax ruling
  • Information related to our regional business climate, labour market, residence and work permits
  • Guidance on the availability of financial assistance, grants, venture capital and private investment opportunities
  • Assistance with grant and permit appllications
  • Information on staff recruitment and training, current labour and salary conditions

We will support the start of your operations in West Brabant with introductions to our extensive network of local authorities, colleges, knowledge networks and technological expertise, and of course business organizations throughout the region.  Furthermore, you can participate in various business development programmes in our key economic sectors: logistics, maintenance and biobased economy. A flying start!

Our Investment Team provides a single, convenient point of contact for companies and their representatives. Over the last 28 years, REWIN has supported more than a thousand companies in starting up their operations in West Brabant, involving a staggering amount of 30,000 jobs and over 6 billion euro in investment.

Are you considering locating in West Brabant and would you like to know how REWIN can be of assistance to you? Feel free to contact us!


Guido van Liefland

Head of "Establishing"

+31 (0)76 56 46 790